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This year we honored our young people, our mentors, our volunteers, our ambassadors as well as the inspiring personality of the year Mrs. Mariam Sy Diawara. Involvement, effort and success is at the heart of MUNTU thus, these awards were intended for people who have had an exceptional career, who have distinguished themselves and were chosen by the pairs and young people of MUNTU.

The Prizes are made possible by the support of TD Bank as sponsor. The trophies are the creation of Omar Gammaoui, platiscian artist. 


Mariam Sy Diawara

Person of the year

Maya Angelou Award

Tamar Cap _BanqueTD_edited.jpg

Tamara Cap

TD Bank, Partner of the Year

_ Artiste

Omar Gammaoui

Visual artist, creator of the trophies

Ernest_Edmond_Entrepreneur d'innovation Sociale

Ernest Edmund

Entrepreneurship and social involvement

Eveline Nicolas Prissien.jpg

Eveline Prissien

Entrepreneurship and social involvement

Moundy Sanon _ Entrepreneur d'innovation sociale

Moundy Sanon

mentor of the year

Cynthia Piquant _ Bénévole MUNTU jpg

Cynthia Spicy

Volunteer of the year

Anne_Rose_Cupidon_ Ambassadrice MUNTU

Anne Rose Cupid

Ambassador of the year

Landsy Pierre. Entrepreneur jpg

Landsy Pierre

Entrepreneurship and social involvement

Jessica Fandal.jpg

Jessica Fandal

Entrepreneurship and social involvement

Andy Hyacinte JAOT.jpg

Handy Hyacinte

Entrepreneurship and social involvement

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