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MUNTU means human being, the living, the one who is strong in the ties that unite him to his clan, his family, his descendants, his land, what he wears and what it produces, of what grows there or of what lives there.

Our ambition is to unite to reach thousands of young people  in Canada and around the world. To do this, we want to support young people every year and give them the opportunity  to fulfill themselves, to emancipate themselves, to take power over the future and to get involved in their community.

We mobilize youth from diverse backgrounds, particularly Africans and Afro descendants, by offering them cultural activities, conferences, workshops, coaching, mentoring, support in carrying out innovative projects aimed at promoting their social involvement, cohesion , economic efficiency, ecological awareness, civic engagement, the fight against prejudice, social inclusion and better living together.

The strength of the projects is that they are carried out for young people and by young people, the decision-makers of tomorrow, with the support of experts, vectors of change, facilitators. The projects and activities are an invitation to openness, to intercultural and intergenerational exchange and to acceptance, as well as an approach towards a better understanding of others while respecting the realities of each.

MUNTU is about sharing and solidarity as well as concrete actions and sustainable performance. We are campaigning for a society where success depends on social ties and civic engagement.

Our mission

MUNTU is a group of actors and actresses of change whose sole purpose is to relieve, support and improve the living conditions of   young people in difficulty. To do this, we aim to promote and foster their well-being, their financial autonomy, their integration, their integration through creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and social involvement.

Cathia Cariotte _ Fondation MUNTU
Notre mission
Arbre à palabres _ Fondation MUNTU _ Banque TD

Our vision

MUNTU believes in the development and empowerment of young people and the development of their potential. Our vision is to encourage their participation, their commitment and their full and complete involvement in their living environment so that they become participative citizens and agents of change.

We need you !

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