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A springboard to the future

Our fields of action  allow young people to project themselves into the future, our approach has a unique character since it helps to develop both personal and professional skills . It is therefore geared towards the success and social involvement of each participant in Canada and internationally. Moreover by co-creativity, co-development, solidarity and collective intelligence and conscience in the world of tomorrow.  

innovation and entrepreneurship at the service of young people from here and elsewhere

Young people can participate in our workshops, our conferences and will have the support of actors and vectors of change recognized for their actions and their involvement, of mentors, of coaches from different backgrounds in order to unite their efforts and their desire to live in a inclusive, more harmonious society and to take concrete action in this direction.  Our projects also aim  to put young people at the center of concerns in their journey towards emancipation, integration and social involvement so that they can better position themselves in their role as actors  and actresses of change, ambassadors of the diversity.


For empowerment and the opportunity to take their place in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of their country


Young people of diversity an invaluable richness in their environment

Through our activities with these young people, we motivate them and equip them to create a network of dynamic youth actors involved in reflection and social action. We promote their involvement and participation in local, national and international life. We contribute  to civic engagement.


To develop new ideas and strengthen self-esteem  

We consider creativity as a useful, desirable quality and an interesting and necessary approach for a good psychological balance.  We organize activities and workshops to develop creativity and creative thinking in order to develop new ideas since we are convinced that automation, rising consumption, increasing production, rapid change, mass communication and the struggle for a better standard of living are factors that will call  for novelty. Creativity is therefore called to have an even greater role and an even broader meaning than ever before.

Through this program, MUNTU wants to put in place strategies aimed at making young women aware of diversity, their role in economic and social development and to engage them   in the promotion of equality. between men and women.

As part of its actions aimed at promoting measures likely to improve the social and economic situation of young women, projects have been set up by and for them in order to provide young  women from here and elsewhere the benefits and opportunities for social and economic development.


Young women at the heart of sustainable development strategies


Uniting in diversity, building bridges between all young people

We organize meetings, debates, discussions as well as the realization of projects between young afro descendants and young people of the first nations for exchange in mutual respect  and the desire to create links in order to build better living together.

History has separated black peoples in suffering and this physical estrangement, due to the deportation of Africans, has alienated black peoples all over the world, whereas they are brothers and sisters at heart. Today more than ever, these fraternal ties as well as the precious contribution of Afro-descendants can be put to good use and participate in the shift of modernity, development and growth towards a new Africa.

Young Afro-descendants are already showing a passion, a deep awareness turned towards Africa. The sharing of knowledge as well as their talent will mutually bring additional soul, moral support, know-how, an emotional presence and proximity to be able to compete on equal terms in the global geography of the production of wealth.



The future is also being built in Africa

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