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Madhi  Saoul, law student and president of the association African Students from the University of Montreal

Muntu is truly the innovative model of new approaches for projects developed by young people and for young people. The  Nord\Sud partnerships will be done differently. Youth is really at the center of development and our ideas, our words are valued and respected


Malika Diallo Social entrepreneur, Founder and President of EVIE, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

I had the chance to meet the President of MUNTU in Abidjan. Since then, she has offered me support, advice and put me in contact with key players who will be able to help me better support children living with Burudi ulcer.


Founder and president of the organization Les ballons intensifs, Ernest Edmond is the winner of an ARISTA 2019 award in the Young Leader of Quebec – Social Responsibility category.

MUNTU gives me the motivation, the strategies, the advice and the support necessary for the realization and the maintenance of my projects. I hope in the future to collaborate with MUNTU  on major projects to have more impact in my environment.


Christel Saint-Julien  Writer and artist  Newly arrived in the MUNTU team.

I feel welcomed, my knowledge and experience allow me to carry out the mission and contribute to the dissemination of MUNTU projects and events

Fougnigué Silu jpg

Foungnigue Silué Coordinator of the Panafrican University Club, Ivory Coast

We just want the contribution of the generation to which we belong to be decisive in the advent of a new Africa.

Jessica Fandal.jpg

Jessica Fandal, Entrepreneur, Coach PNL 

I have volunteered with this organization and time after time I see the results of hard work where every person has their place. MUNTU brings a lot of hope and know-how for the new generations.

Laurence Massicotte.jpg

Laurence Massicotte is an architect, graduated at the University of Ottawa.

MUNTU is a family of young people who are interested and want to understand each other in their difference, here diversity is really considered as a wealth. We are loved, we are motivated and we are trusted! 

Flito Flerimont_Fondation MUNTU.jpg

Flito Fleurimond Student in agronomy, American Caribbean University, Haiti

MUNTU arrived like a breath of fresh air and supported our village on Île à Vache in difficult times. Reconstruction projects, financial support for VIJIC, organized community gardens have raised community awareness, youth involvement, enhancement and sharing of wealth

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Jasmine Liu, Student at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf  and member of the Board of Directors

I'm very interested in making documentaries. MUNTU allowed me to participate in a shoot with a professional, it was a first and I really liked the experience, the cheerful working atmosphere and I want to continue to get involved in the MUNTU Foundation.

Raolin Hamou Kelly_ Fondation MUNTUjpg
Hamou Kelly

He has always sought to meet his neighbor and  impresses with his involvement in various projects and organizations. 


Hamou is an activist within

Well-Being of Albinos DE Ivory Coast (BEDACI). Il fight for the protection and socio-professional integration of people with albinism.


A graduate in international studies with a specialization in cooperation and development at the University of Montreal, international development has always been a cause that fascinates Coralie. She represented the University of Montreal as a delegate   within the framework of the simulation of the African Union which allowed her to learn more about this continent.


Coulibaly Prince Idriss is concerned about the development of my community, throughout his career, he stands out through his many implications.   It is in this context that he is one of the pillars of the NGO Give Smiles in Côte d'Ivoire, whose mission is to support the education and well-being of children from from disadvantaged backgrounds.  

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